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Academic Editing

I'm thrilled to be editing the “Elements,” book series, with Nicole Starosielski + Courtney Berger, for Duke University Press.

 The Elements series seeks texts attuned to the material specificity of their sites and objects of study--texts that travel where that materiality takes them. The series welcomes projects with a commitment to examining social and cultural processes in relation to particular forms of matter, regardless of disciplinary approach. In assembling diverse inquiries into particular forms of matter, we hope that the series will be a meeting ground for work on earth, water, air, chemicals, minerals, fuels, plastics, and other such substances as they circulate and interact with and as part of environmental, technological, cultural and political formations. Please contact me if you are interested in publishing in this series.) Check it out!:

"Science Studies and the Blue Humanities," essay cluster for the Science, Literature, and the Arts (SLSA) journal, Configurations. Fall 2019

The essays, position papers, provocations, and artist statements in this special issue, explore the significance of science studies for the development of the blue humanities. As oceans and bodies of fresh water increasingly become sites for environmentally-oriented arts and humanities scholarship, how can the emerging blue humanities best engage with the theories, questions, paradigms, and methods of science studies? How do questions of scale, temporality, materiality, and mediation emerge in aquatic zones and modes? How can literature, art, data visualization, and digital media best respond to the rapidly developing sciences of ocean acidification and climate change as well as the less publicized concerns such as the effect of military sonar on cetaceans? Essays by Steve MentzSerpil Oppermann, Lisa Han, Brandon Jones, Mandy Bloomfield, Melody Jue, Megan Fernandes, and Teresa Shewry. 


Matter. Volume Editor. For Gender, MacMillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks,2017. [Created 35+ topics and scopes, found contributors, edited 30+ essays for content, organization, and style. Wrote introduction.] This volume is both an introduction to the concept of matter in intersectional feminist studies and a collection of state of the art essays on materiality across many disciplines and topics from archeology and Darwinism to colonialism, neuroscience, science fiction, geology and more. The contributors wrote superb essays for this volume--don't let the marketing and cover fool you--check out the table of contents here:

Editor of “Critical Ecologies” Thread for Electronic Book Review, Jan. 2012--2014. 


Material Feminisms, co-edited with Susan Hekman, Indiana University Press, 2008.   This edited collection was one of the first to map out emerging models of new materialism in intersectional gender studies, positioning feminist theory as integral to (not an ancillary for) new materialist theory and the nonhuman turn.  Contributors: Karen Barad,  Susan Bordo, Suzanne Bost, Claire Colebrook, Vicki Kirby, Michael Hames-Garcia, Elizabeth Grosz, Donna Haraway, Catriona Sandilands, Tobin Siebers, Nancy Tuana, Elizabeth A. Wilson, Stacy Alaimo, Susan J. Hekman. 




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