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You can find me by name on FB or as moreadventure on Instagram.


Dr. Stacy Alaimo
Professor of English

Core Faculty Member, Environmental Studies

University of Oregon

Office 205 PLC

pronouns: she/they


Mailing address:

Professor Stacy Alaimo

Department of English

1415 Kincaid Street

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403


Office Hours: Spring 2024:

Week 1 to Week 10: Mondays in my office, 205 PLC, from 9am-1:00pm;  Tuesdays 3-5 on Zoom   (email for appointment and  zoom link). You can stop by in-person office hours or email to reserve a half hour meeting.  If you are sick, please do not come to office hours in person; email me and we can zoom. Note: Some office hours may be cancelled due to graduate exams and meetings. Just email to check.


Prospective students: If you are applying to ENVS/ESSP, it is important to email and/or talk with faculty with whom you would like to work, but if you are applying to ENG, there is no need to meet with or talk with specific faculty before applying. The application procedures differ. Please note that I do not have my own funding stream for graduate students--funding is through departments, programs, and the teaching, grants, and fellowships that the individual graduate students secure.


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